The Web3 space presents

Dark Chinese Matter

Burning 2% of every transaction


Launch: August 2nd, 18:30 UTC/GMT

Live launch updates in our telegram
2nd, Aug 2023 18:30 UTC/GMT
ETH Uniswap

About Dark Chinese Matter ($DCM)

This token is designed to incentive holding and make profits on long term. The baseprice of the token goes up every transaction as it burns 2%!


Every transaction of the token will be taxed with 4%. 2% is for team and 2% is burned.

Token launch

When the token is launched, the first few minutes will be taxed 30% for snipers. Wait with buying until in our official Telegram is communicated the tax is restored to normal (will be a few minutes after launch).
This site will be updated with a Uniswap Buy-link and the Dexscreener link after the launch. Also a burn-counter will be added.

Token distribution

Total supply at start: 10mln $DCM
Supply to liquidity pool: 10mln $DCM
Supply to team: 0 $DCM
No public minting function